“Andrology as an integrated and important part of urology”

13 June 2017


“All urologists meet patients with andrological problems, and it is obvious that andrological diseases may be symptoms of other, more general pathological conditions. Therefore, it is crucial for all urologists to have a basic knowledge of andrology,” recommends Prof. Jens Sønksen (Herlev, DK).

The 10th Meeting of the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) is designed to appeal to all practicing urologists, offering an in-depth look at some topics that are not always covered at other scientific meetings throughout the year. ESAU17 will take place in Malmö, Sweden on 24-25 November, 2017.

Prof. Sønksen became EAU Adjunct Secretary General – Clinical Practice at EAU17 in London and is also co-organising ESAU17 together with ESAU Chairman Prof. Nikolaos Sofikitis (Ioannina, GR) and Prof. Aleksander Giwercman (Malmö, SE).

Key Topics

ESAU17 will cover the physical and psychological complaints of the man during his passage through each of the different chronological phases of his lifespan, including male endocrinology, assisted reproductive technology, sexual health and penile surgery.

“We will cover all aspects of andrology including infertility, hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory problems,” Sønksen summarises. “There will be much focus on most recent developments and on the link between basic science and clinics.”

Reflecting on the relationship between urology and andrology, Sønksen points out that andrology is an integrated and important part of urology. “All urologists are at times confronted with andrological conditions and it is important for them to recognise that some of these may be symptoms of wider problems. Thankfully, we can see an steadily increasing number of attendants at the EAU’s andrological meetings.”

The meeting is set to host some of the internationally leading experts in andrology and also from adjacent fields, who are interested in this rapidly growing area of medicine. Key speakers slated to appear include Mr. David John Ralph, and Profs. Carlo Bettocchi, Ateş Kadıoğlu , Kopa Zsolt, Thorsten Diemer, Ferdinando Fusco, and Gert Dohle.

Sønksen: “This level of expertise, together with the opportunity to participate in stimulating discussions and meeting colleagues and friends, means that ESAU17 will offer the complete package for those who want an update on andrology.”


Many experts affiliated with the world-renowned cross-border collaboration ReproUnion will also be speaking. ReproUnion is a network of 13 clinical and research units in Copenhagen and its surrounding area, and the Skåne County in Southern Sweden, of which Malmö is the capital.

Sønksen: “A strong collaboration between ReproUnion and the EAU and its Andrology Section has developed in the past year and a half. The two organizations are co-sponsoring scholarships for young researchers and some of the first recipients of these scholarships will be presented at ESAU17. Furthermore, a part of the scientific program of ESAU17 is sponsored by ReproUnion.”

The conference centre where the meeting will take place is located in the centre of Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest city and metropole in the dynamic Øresund European region. Thanks to the iconic bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö, it takes only 20 minutes by train to reach Copenhagen airport and 30 minutes to reach the Copenhagen city centre from Malmö.